2018 New product 260W sharpy 10 beam moving head stage light for wedding

Hot new sharpy 260W 10r moving head disco light it is a newest products.the lighting effect is very amazing,10r moving head beam light use dobule prism 3 in 1 lens .power con and power in dmx is very popular use for wedding show .
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China supplier touch screen 260W moving head disco light . it is use 13 color and 13 gobo ,2pcs prism , rainbow effect. so that make the effect is very colorful. it is very popular now ,use for stage wedding show ,bar ,ktv ,disco night club ect.


Power supply: AC110-240V, 50/60Hz

Light source: 260W

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Strobe: Two-piece strobe (0.5-9 times/second)

Atomization: 0-100% linear atomization

Focusing: Electronic Focusing

Optical lens: 2-in-1 high-precision cemented optical lens.

Prism disk: any two kinds of prism effects and can be combined to combine prism dynamic effect, can rotate the switching effect in positive and negative directions

Color: 1 fixed color wheel, 13 colors + white, rainbow effect speed adjustable, half-step color effect

Solid map: 1 fixed pattern plate, 13 patterns + white light, bidirectional variable speed rotation

Horizontal scanning: 540 degrees (160bit precision scanning) electronic error correction.

Vertical scan: 250 degree (160bit accuracy scan) electronic error correction.

Channel mode: 18 international standard DMX512 channels, master-slave mode.

Rectifiers: Electronic rectifiers make products lighter, more powerful, light bulbs more stable, more environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient


Touch screen LCD display

double prism 3 in 1 lens 

13 color and 13 gobos 

beam wash gobo effect 

power con and power in connect 

Picture show 


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