2R 132W sharpy beam moving head light 16chs

132w Sharpy 2r beam moving head light theater lighting events concerts shows.this light have 13 colors and 14 fixed gobos.
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Product Details

Cheaper 2r sharpy moving head light use osram lamp,we use 3 in 1 high-precision glue lens.16 face prism.electronic focus function make the effect more better.


Light source:132W 2r bulb 
Rectifier: electronic rectifier attack it / traditional rectifier
Channel: 16 international standard DMX512 channel, master-slave mode.
Horizontal scanning: 5400(160bit precision scanning) electronic error correction.
Vertical scanning: 2500(160bit precision scanning) electronic error correction.
Optical lens: 3-in-1 high-precision glue optical lens.
Focus: electronic focus
Dimming: 0-100% linear
Prism: 16 face prism
Color wheel: 1pcs fixed color wheel, 13 colors + white, rainbow effect Speed adjustable, half-step color effect
Fixed gobo wheel: 1 fixed gobo wheel, 15 patterns + white, two-way variable speed rotation
Stroboscopic: single-side knife frequency can reach the highest rate of second per second, and can first choose random strobe and pulse strobe.


Mini body 132W 2R Lamp,can delay the lamp lifespan

color wheel +fixed gobo wheel can be make powerful beam effect

electronic focus

16 prism 

Picture show 

2r beam moving head light , it is use osram lamp , 3 in 1 lens, the light is very brightness.we according to the country to support suitable power plug.we also give you (power calbe ,dmx cable, cable,light hook as free)


2r beam moving head light can use flight case or carton packing, the flight case we custom 2 in 1 , 4 in 1 flight case with groove,the groove place can put the parts,cable,clamp.we always do the upside-down mode.because this mode, can be protect the lights on the shipping process damage probability.

the carton packing insideo we use thick froth,can be protect the lights,reduce on the shipping process damage probability.


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