64X64 pixel p5 led magic moving head screen light play video

Hot and newest P5 led moving head screen light it is use for indoor, can play video, ect.IP rate is 20.
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Product Details

China led lighting manufactuer p5 led display module ,total have 6 dmx channels.64X64 Pixel,use SMD2121 black led lamp.dmx 512 singal control.


Power input: AC90 ~ 240V, 50 / 60HZ

Power: 150W

DMX channel: 14CH

Pixel: 64*64

Pixel pitch (mm): P5

LED Lamp Bead : Country Star Lamp (Outdoor)

LED light source: 4096 SMD2727 RGB LED

Variable speed dynamic color macro effect

0 to 100% electronic dimmer, no color change

Horizontal scanning: 540 degrees (160bit precision scanning) electronic error correction.

Vertical scan: 270 degrees (160bit accuracy scan) electronic error correction.

Display: color touch screen


Mode 1: Synchronize (Set Large Screen Mode via Computer)

** DMX Signal Connection Console (6 channels)

** Control the XY axis with the console

** Multiple lamps in series with the media player

     (Magic screen can display large screen)


Mode 2 : Stand alone mode

            (Each lamp comes with a pattern effect)

** DMX Signal Connection Console (14 channels)

** Select the pattern from the console, video

** Video bidirectional speed can be adjusted through the console

** Comes with linear red, green, blue RGB, strobe


Special Instructions:

Built-in USB interface, can import pictures or video via USB interface.

The pixels of the lamp can be controlled by DMX, R.G.B, strobe. More control of pictures or videos through changes in DMX values



64X64 LED pixel

can be moving head 

can play all kinds of video as you want 

connect with computer control 

Picture show

led moving head screen is made from our factory.this product is very popular,many people like it .

it is 64X64 pixel p5 led module,power in power out connect.need to connect with network cable then connect with dual-mode led display player with pc. can play all kinds of video ,text, logo. use the lighting console control the move head 


led moving head screen light can use flight case or carton packing, the flight case we custom 2 in 1 , 4 in 1 flight case with groove,the groove place can put the parts,cable,clamp.we always do the upside-down mode.because this mode, can be protect the lights on the shipping process damage probability.

the carton packing insideo we use thick froth,can be protect the lights,reduce on the shipping process damage probability.


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