LED par light and led cob par light comparison 2017-12-25 23:23:54

LED par light and led cob par light comparison

We believe have most of people don’t know about led par light and led cob par light what is diffent? Today we will talking about this point.

Led par light and led cob par light use for all kinds of stage lighting show,party,ktv,night club ect. If this 2 kinds of led par can light use together, then the lighting effect is more perfect.because each led wash light the effect is not same.led par 64 is use for wash effect.cob par light is use for illumination.


Aluminum 54x3W led par light the led light source is cool ,main effect is change color,wash effect.normaly is use many pcs led bead making together,so the power will small than cob led par light.54w led par light total power is 162W,each led can change different color,Although change white color,because the light source is cold,effect is glare.also is not good for take the photo. Lead to facial distortion, the effect is not satisfactory.

High power warm white 100W Led cob par light ,is use for 1pcs cob led bead, the light suroce is warm,normaly is use for stage top or left and right side.The basic lighting of the stage and the front lighting of the characters need to be evenly spread over the whole stage.the light is soft and the main lighting function is to provide a good shooting effect for the photography camera.cob par stage lighting normaly is 100W to 300W,the power is bigger.


Led par light the main function is use for wash effect, high power cob led par stage light main function is use for illumination effect.these two kinds of led lights can not single use , because single use the effect is not very well, we suggest use these lights together,then can make nice effect.


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