Promotion 36pcs led zoom moving head wash light 2018-11-16 17:21:50

Good news, we are doing the promotional activities now.36x10W rgbw led moving head zoom light it is only need to $160 ,Christmas days will coming soon. So this time is buy stage lighting equipment Peak period.Logistics company arrive time also will become very slow.So please be prepared in advance .

36pcs led moving head light

36pcs led zoom moving head wash light

LED zoom moving head light, in the market have many kinds of,such as 19x12W led zoom moving head light, 19x15W led bee eye moving head zoom light, 7x15W led zoom bee eye moving head light.36pcs led moving head zoom light ect. Today we are talking about is 36pcs led moving head light.

36pcs led moving head light can do 36x10W 4 in 1 rgbw , 36x5W 5 in 1 rgbwy , 36x18W 6 in 1 rgbwy uv,have 3 kinds of led bead can be choose.36pcs led moving head light , have zoom and wash function.zoom function can be small or big.about the display board, also can choose, have touch screen lcd dispaly and button lcd dispaly.

36pcs led zoom moving head wash ligth can be moved to the head lights to select the circle function, each circle can be controlled separately.making very beautiful effect. Led moving head zoom light Has a very strong beam effect and dye rendering.led moving head wash light suitable use for ktv ,party ,bar ,wedding,stage show ect.

led moving head zoom stage light

We offer 1 year warranty, during the warranty if the product have any problem, we wil supply the repair parts as free. For the lighting equipment have carton and flight case package can choose.carton package is free . flight case package need to pay the extra fee.

Hope we have chance to do business together.



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