Why choose 19x15W led bee eye zoom moving head wash light 2018-01-23 09:07:04

Why choose 19x15W LED big bee eye moving head zoom light

LED 19X15w 4 IN 1 RGBW LED B-EYE Zoom moving head wash light ,it is a new led moving head light model.have super beam ,wash ,zoom and kaleidoscopic effect.these function is most of people like .such as honeycomb design,it is a special design.zoom range 4~60 degree,let you from beam to wash can change use.led bee eye zoom moving head light the lens can rotation,the kaleidoscopic effect is very perfect.the function is same with clay paky .

Led moving head light the advantage is wash effect. Colors can be dyed at any distance. Let’s the same power led will more brightness .zoom range from 4~60 degree. it is suitable for low ceiling (such as small theater, TV studio), which is very useful in wide angle and very compact zoom is very useful in the arena or large environmental performances. Due to the special combination of optical,b-eye the light emitted is evenly distributed on the front mirror.let’s the light effect is more better.

Led zoom moving head light also is have a Colorful electronic control is have 4 in 1 rgbw led,due to add the wite led chip,so that let the effect is more colorful.also can adjust the Saturated colors.when the zoom adjust to the 4 degree ,the wash effect will change to beam effect.each led each color can be single control ,each led all the function also can single control. The lens can be rotation.can make up many kinds of small beam effect.the effect is same with flowler can open and close .also can make all kinds of colorful is suitable use for bar,disco,nightclub,wedding ,stage show ect.

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