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New products p5 led magic moving head screen light

2018-05-10 01:14:46

2018 May guangzhou prolight show exhibition is coming .we already design newest products to show. 64x64 p5 pixel magic moving head screen light , the lighting effect is very nice .the funtion also is very big. led moving head display can play all kinds of video ,photo , word letter ect. can do the ad ,logo ,gobo ect. also can infinite rotation .can use dmx control. 


Power: 300W
Pixel: 64*64
Channel: 14 channels
Horizontal scanning: 540 degrees (160bit precision scanning) electronic error correction.
Vertical scan: 270 degrees (160bit accuracy scan) electronic error correction.
Display: color touch screen
Special Instructions:
Built-in USB interface allows you to transfer pictures or videos via the USB interface.
The pixels of the lamp can be controlled by DMX, R.G.B, strobe. More control of pictures or videos through changes in DMX values


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