pearl 2010 dmx moving light controller 2048 dmx channels with display

dmx pearl 2010 controller with LCD display is popular,Streamline design, pearl 2008 appearance upgrade.
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Product Details

pearl 2010 dmx dj contrller is use control stage light ,moving head light,can program all kinds of stage lighting show,so that the lighting effect get more and more beautiful.


The entire Fixture Library of more than 3800 files.
Removable external USB Memory Stick.
Can be managed external light library 20 times 
more than 2008 lighting console. 
2048 DMX output channels.
Controlled 240 separate address code fixtures.
2048 dimmer control channels.
15 Playback Masters controlling 450 memories, 
chases or cue lists.
Improved method of Fixture selection for Patching.
Theater and playback functions.
Shape Generator for instant creation of patterns 
and effects.
MIDI and Bases, Mid, Treble sound to light triggers.
Color VGA output fitted as standard.
Used durable and elegant PE sticker panel.
Patched with LED light.
Net weight:21kg     Gross Weight:45kg(Flight Case)  
Package Size:86x71x34CM
Rated Voltage:110V~220V 50~60Hz


2048 dmx control channel 

Strong Steel shell

can connect extra display 

with working light 

Picture show

2010 moving light dj controller can choose carton or flight case package, built-in have one display,also can extra install another one display.2048 DMX output channels.Controlled 240 separate address code fixtures.


stage lighting controller have flight case and carton packing, you can choose it.


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